Bosch 55cm Table Top Dishwasher

This Bosch SKS-62E22EU is a perfect option that is ideal for small spaces, and you could now put it anywhere in your cooking area with its small dimension.

The AquaStop system includes a double-walled supply pipe, a security shutoff, along with a floor sump with float button, using 100% defense against water damage. Guaranteed by Bosch for lifetime.

Water use, water temperature and rinse time are changed precisely to fit the level of soiling. This supplies best outcomes while conserving water and also energy.

The tons weight is detected by a rotating rate sensing unit which acknowledges the water degree. For bigger lots, more water is needed to saturate the meals and the water degree lowers. In that instance more water is included.

With the moment hold-up function you could pre-select the program for the wanted beginning time. This enables you to manage your home appliance comfortably, at any time throughout the day, throughout work hours or at night.

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